Monday, 1 June 2009

Avon agility comp - well done Ben

This weekend was our 2nd ever agility comp and our first ever outoor one.
and the sun was splitting the trees - with my pail Scottish skin I covered myself with lashings of factor 50 - and I am glad I did, lots and lots of lobsters about.
It was pretty tough to try and keep the car and Ben cool as well. I parked the car almost in a tree and I wrapped ice cubes in a bandana for Ben and dipped his paws in water whenever I could (dogs only sweat through their paws)

It was a 2 day show with 4 runs a day.


Run 1
For a little warm up I decided to go for the grade 1-7 Olympia qualifier - not expecting much at all!
Lots of people told me it was a tricky course but we went for it anyway and he ran really well
Only problem we had was the weaves were right after the longjump so he was flying into them - and just popped out and so we got faulted - and time faults too
But really not bad considering!

Run 2
Graded agility
Nice fast flowing course. 12 weaves - Ben popped out on the 11th so I tried to put him back in but got it wrong and we got a big fat E

Run 3
Combined agility.
Course a little tricky looking with quite a few turns - I knew I should have done a front cross before the tunnel - but didnt so Ben spun round to check I ment him to go in there - bless, and he nailed his weaves!!

3rd place

Run 4
Graded jumping
Everyone was saying this was a difficult one - but when I watched they all seemed to be taking a silly line - so I remembered our trainer telling us to ignore what everyone else was doing
I did and we really went for it

1st place!!!

Not a bad day 1


Run 1 combined agility

Did a not bad run - Ben was not so good on the weaves but a few hand signals from me ment we didnt get faulted - a fairly good clear round
Then we got called back to run it again cos someone had made the long jump too short - so we ran again, Ben popped out the weave and when I put him back again we must have cut through them or something cos we got E'd!! - appart from that it was a better run!

Run 2
Graded jumping
Heat was getting to me a bit and I wasnt giving clear instructions to Ben - great weaves but he ran past a couple of jumps and we were faulted

Run 3
Graded agility
A nice tricky course for us, I went a little wrong and I thought Ben had run past a jump a little - but when I checked in the book later not only did we get clear but also
we got another 1st place!!!

Run 4
Combined jumping
v tricky course, lots of twists and turns - I made a couple of mistakes - bet it didnt look pretty to anyone watching - but wee went clear
5th place

all in all not too bad a weekend
and the scary thing - in his 2nd show that is my boy up to grade 3!! pretty amazing!


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