Saturday, 5 December 2009

Cara needs a home - or even a foster home

I have been asked to spread the word to as many in the UK as possible

This little girl needs a home

The lady she is with just now has 9 dogs, so even a foster place would be great.

She is in Scotland at the moment

Hi Pam, I have a 18month old terrier x bitch looking for a home. Her name
is Cara and she is vaccinated, wormed and spayed. She is about spaniel sized and
a bit of an all sorts mix. She is very clever and gorgeous although she needs
some training as she has never had any. If you know of anyone that might be
interested can you let me know. , I can send you some photos of her if you send
me your email add. I would like to rehome her asap as she was only supposed to
be here 1 night but the home she was supposed to go to dont want her as she is
bigger than they wanted. Thanks a million

She is a stray picked up in Wexford, Ireland. She is great with my dogs, great with my cat, not sure about children as she hasnt met any whilst with me but I would say yes fine with them as she is just a lovely friendly wee thing and loves people. She is very lively and a little cheeky madam but she is picking things up fast. She does not understand even basics like sit and really pulls on the lead but she will learn no problem. She has no serious behavioural problems and doesnt seem bothered by anything, she will adapt in any situation I would think. She is just a bouncy puppy that needs a good home to give her some boundaries and she will be a brilliant pet


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