Thursday, 21 January 2010

Hare today

Sorry folks, no dogs today, no dog sculptures, agility or antics of my crazy pair

dragonhouseofyuen from McEtsy team does lots of great work for bunny rescue and she suggested I may like to try making a Hare for the Hare Preservation Trust

Sounded like a fun challenge

So I gave it a go

He is made on a wire frame with merino white fleece. I then blended some camel fibre with Shetland wool to work on the shading, with a little more black merino blended in to make his back, ears and top of his head a little darker

He is posed just rising up on his hind legs - and wonders of wonders I actually managed to make him balance on his own in that position (fancy name - free standing :D)

I am stumped for a name for this one so any ideas???


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