Monday, 1 March 2010

The APBC continues to challange Cesar Millans methods

The Association of Pet Behaviour Councillors has issued this statement against Cesar Millan and his methods.

The APBC are a major body in the UK, if you have a behavioural problem with your dog and are referred from your vet it will be to one of their members. As such every day they work as the last chance for aggressive dogs so they really know what they are talking about.

Like many they are concerned that the advesrsive type training Cesar Millan uses not only compromise the welfare of the dogs but they can in the long run make the dogs more aggressive as the problems are not addressed and fixed just suppressed.

I find it really sad that for many years positive trainers have been changing the face of dog training with kind and effective training and behaviour modification which does not stress the dog and is safe for everyone to practise, but with one flashy TV show dog training has been put back 20 years.

Why is it so natural to the human species to enjoy the spectacle of a man wrestling an animal to the ground?


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