Saturday, 6 March 2010

Clear run agility show Feb 2010

Our second and last agility club show of the year was last Sat (sorry I am a little behind with blogging)

I took Mia along too, not to run her just for the socalisation.
Lots of different dogs for her to see.
This one on the right totaly freaked her out!

In the main she was really really good, able to focus on me and do some tricks. We were able to walk past some dogs and even at one time play a game of 'walk into the venue, get a treat, walk out again' and she was really enjoying it

Unfort about the 5th time when I was coming out with her there was a guy with a GSD comming in right at us. Mia did have a reaction and the guy looked at us like we were scum! But she did calm down v quickly and was able to play 'Look at that big scary dog' game with him

Ben was a little star too
He totaly jumped off one contact but appart from that he didnt put a paw wrong, confident and (for us) pretty fast. Someone even thought we might have got a place in one of the runs but I didnt see.

It was a great day, went really quickly with all the dogs to meet, people to chat to and fab horsey things to investigate
This is totaly the best indoor venue in the world!

Some friends dogs did really great too. A few from Mias class ran.
Louis, who is reactive to strange men, managed into the venue and even had a go in the practise ring. He did have a bit of a zoomie but he had a great time!

Ellie did all the obstacles, not ness in the right order but she and Y had a great time and they were fun to watch. Blue had a great clear round and was so enjoying himself it was great to see and Buster had the fastest time, although he didnt go clear it was pretty amazing to watch his speed!! Once he gets control he will fly up the grades.

It was really great to see the mix of dogs too, I love border collies but I am a bit fed up of agility only seeming to feature them. At the show there was an amazing mixture of all breeds and of course amazing mutts.
Great to see the puppies growing up too, couple of years and they will all be stars of the show

Thankyou everyone for a great day


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