Monday, 8 March 2010

BenMcfuzzylugs is a 2010 top blog award FINALIST

2010 Dog Blog

Wow, thankyou all so much! This blog ( for those of you who read it on facebook or multiply) has made it to the final!
The first two stages were for the blog to receive enough votes from the public and then for the judges to pick the top 20

Thankyou all for voting, and the really fantastic news is that being a finalist dosent just mean $6000 of free advertising for this blog but I they will also be giving me $44,400 worth of prizes for 10 of you lot!! More of that later - I needed to make this post before I become eligible for those prizes

The next stage is a vote from all their newsletter subscribers.
The vote starts on 11th March so can I ask a huge favour
Please can you sign up for their newsletter so you can vote for me - pretty pretty please??! It only takes a second.

Thankyou all for your support to get me to this stage, BenMcfuzzyugs is 1 top 20 top dog blog!!


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