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Help With Etsy SEO. Featured shop Twigsimmortalized

Here is the 2nd in my new feature (hopefully) helping people with SEO for their Etsy shop

If you are wanting to get involved then post a comment in this thread and I will try and get back to you. The interest has been amazing so it will take a while to do them all

The shop featured is  Twigsimmortalized

From her shop
A collection of handmade beaded treasures and felted artwear, designed for your pleasure. ALL ITEMS ARE READY TO SHIP IMMEDIATELY!!!

So I asked her to let me know one of her least viewed items and she sent me this one

What a stunning purple colour with really nice photography against the green trees 

the title for the item is 

Nuno Felted Silk and Wool Scarf in Purple Orchid and Black. Wearable Art Scarf with Dread Ties. Pixie Wear Felt Collar. Unique Ladies Gift.

and the tags are 
Again the tags here are quite good, mainly multiple word phrases - but from the title there are only 3 tags repeated in the title 
'Silk and Wool Scarf' 'wearable Art Scarf' and 'Unique Ladies Gift' 

I had never heard of Lagenlook  - but as this shop it the top of page 1 with other items and this is a very small search I dont think these terms are needed in the title. 

Trying to think like a buyer I would possibly suggest a title of
'Nuno Felted Scarf. Purple Silk Scarf, Silk and Wool Scarf, Purple Felt Collar, Black and purple felt scarf, wearable art scarf'

I know its clunky to read but it gives some tags
'Nuno felted Scarf' 'Purple silk scarf' 'silk and wool scarf' 'purple felt collar' 'Purple felt scarf' 'Wearable Art scarf' (she could also add 'Unique Ladies Gift' to title and tags if she has been getting any traffic from it

Now I went to Tools4Etsy  To put in some of her tags and see where her shop turns up

Silk and Wool Scarf has over 5k listings, in the first 20 pages 22 come from this shop, The best is on page 1 position 1 and it is a lovely teal and brown scarf  - and this item is on page 3
This shop is fully optimised for this term :) 
Wearable Art Scarf has 12k listings in the first 20 pages 32 belong to this shop. The best is a different towel which is already on page 1 - This item is on page 16 
This shop is fully optimised for this term
Unique Ladies Gift almost 5k Listings 32 belong to this shop, the best is on page 1 position 1 and is a gold and chestnut scarf  - This item is on page 17 of the search
I think this shop is also optimised for this term 

Nuno Felted Scarf has nearly 4k listings in the first 20 pages 22 belong to this shop. The best is  the brown and teal scarf  which is already on page 1 - This item not on the first 20 pages
Although we can get this scarf onto the search I think this shop is pretty much optimised for this term 

Purple silk scarf has 6k listings in the first 20 pages NONE  belong to this shop. 
I think searches like this are where this shop could improve for this item

I think this shop has some amazing items and is really good at her SEO for the terms she is working on. To me it seems some of these less noticed items need some different more specific terms as many people might not know what a .Nuno Scarf is (I do, I tried to make one, oh the mess!! the bubbles!!) but if someone searched for a 'purple scarf' or a 'purple silk scarf' and stumbled on to this shop I am sure they would love it

My actions for this item

Tags and titles just need tweaked to more 'buyer friendly' type searches. Add tags like 'Purple silk Scarf' 'Black silk scarf' 'Wool scarf' Not just to this item but try and add it to a few other items too (the more items you have with the same tag does seem to help them all be more relevant) 

renew this item so it goes to the front page of the shop and followers get the chance to see it

In the listings for the very popular scarves   include a link in the listing back to this scarf (something like 'I also have something similar in purple')

Post a link to this item on facebook and other social media - and/or a link to this blog post :)

Post the item in a couple of Etsy team games or promotional threads - the type of 'post 3 items heart 5' I find the FriendsWithBenifits team very useful for some games to get some activity (activity increases relevancy)

I will run the searches for the item after the changes have been made and hopefully we can see them increase up the rankings. I will post back results

If you found this post helpful please feel free to join in, the only thanks I would like is if you could visit my shop and give an item a heart

like this one


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