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Help With Etsy SEO. Featured shop MailedIT

Here is the 3rd in my new feature (hopefully) helping people with SEO for their Etsy shop

If you are wanting to get involved then post a comment in this thread and I will try and get back to you. The interest has been amazing so it will take a while to do them all

The shop featured is MailedIT

From his shop
Handmade chainmaille creations. Accessories, Decor, Fashion, and more
I admit this is the first time I have seen this shop and I do love it very much :) I always have a bit of a love for steampunk things and chainmail is amazing. I remember years ago in a shop they had a full chainmail dress, I drooled over that for weeks and weeks
So I asked him to let me know one of his least viewed items and he sent me this one

A nice photograph of a difficult subject to capture - although as this is marketed as a dice purse for gaming a part of me would love a photograph of a group of people (decked out in steampunk gear please :) ) sitting round a table playing a game with the pouch on the table. Its not necessary to do to sell the item but I think it would look pretty amazing :) get lots of attention with people sharing the image

the title for the item is 

Chainmaille Dicebag, pouch, bag, coin purse.

and the tags are 
There are some really good tags here but they are not reflected in the title. I think pushing the gaming and geek angle of this could really work as that is the theme of the shop - but it is also possible to target it to a more mainstream market pushing the coin purse angle. Im going with Geek and Rollplayers tho as aiming this way is more likely to get items shared and commented on in blogs etc.

Trying to think like a buyer I would possibly suggest a title of
'Geek Gift For Men, Chainmaille pouch, Dungeons and dragons dicebag, gaming dice bag, steampunk coin purse '

This gives the tags
'Geek Gift For Men 'Chainmaille pouch' 'Dungeons and dragons' 'Dragons Dicebag' 'Gaming Dice Bag' 'Steampunk Coin purse' and a combination of some of the other tags already there

Now I went to Tools4Etsy  To put in some of his tags and see where his shop turns up

Geek Gift For Men  has over 8k listings, in the first 20 pages 1 come from this shop, This item is on page 1
This shop is fully optimised for this term :) 

Chainmaille Dicebag 
 has ONLY 20 listings in the first 20 pages 1 belong to this shop. This item is position 1 page one
This shop is fully optimised for this term  - I suggest if the item is not generating views then this tag is not searched by buyers enough so its not worth focusing on

Dungeons and Dragons  4.5k Listings 0 belong to this shop, 
I think this shop could do well pushing this term 

Gaming Dice Bag has 839 listings in the first 20 pages 1 belong to this shop. It is on page 14 
I think this shop could benefit pushing this term 

Steampunk coin purse  has 244 listings in the first 20 pages 1  belong to this shop. It is on page 1 and is a lovely handbag
This shop is already optimised for this term and it is a fairly small search but it wouldnt hurt to have one more item there

I think this shop has some lovely items and for a fairly new shop they are actually doing very well. It is difficult to build up inventory when items take a while to produce and they are doing the right thing re-listing when something has sold that they can make again. The whole shop including this item will benefit when they can add a few more pages worth of items. Perhaps if possible add custom variations of an item - different colours or a simple charm attached to a bag or even a different colour of chain to give more options without lots of extra work

My actions for this item

Research more 'geeky and gamer' tags that are popular searches 

Build a following on social media - follow people on twitter who are in your target market and set up a facebook page and link it to your shop (and send me the link as I have friends who would love it ) Join steampunk and gamers facebook groups and get to know people

In each listing include a link to other listings 'see also this coin purse' 'check out this'

Consider new photography with the gaming element more obvious

Post the item in a couple of Etsy team games or promotional threads - the type of 'post 3 items heart 5' I find the FriendsWithBenifits team very useful for some games to get some activity (activity increases relevancy)

I will run the searches for the item after the changes have been made and hopefully we can see them increase up the rankings. I will post back results

If you found this post helpful please feel free to join in, the only thanks I would like is if you could visit my shop and give an item a heart

like this one


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