Friday, 27 January 2017

Dog agility courses, The Christmas tree

this was a great fun course for Christmas. If you have an amazing imagination it looks a little like a Christmas tree with a star on the top and oddly weaves and a tunnel at the side

It ran fairly nicely with a few challenges, mainly which line to take 14-18. Some teams did great with the handler on the takeoff side of 15 and flicking over 17, others did great on the landing side or 15 if they were able to get a little infront of their dogs

Also which way do you turn the dog over 6? and which way do you bring them round to 21?

Here is the lovely Fly demonstrating this course (not I always film at the end of the day and as soon as I bring out the camera the mistakes happen, but keeping a positive attitude means its still fun for your dog)


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