Friday, 27 January 2017

Starting out needle felting, Needle felted Penguin Tutorial

I am actually really enjoying learning about vidoe editing, I know I have a long way to go
But this week I learnt how to remove the hum from my camera and I learnt how to do photo in photo

Which ment doubling up (well treabling because I messed up and felted out of shot for the 1st close up! Doh) my filming but I HOPE it gives a clearer tuotirial where you can actually see what I am doing.

I know the background it still terrible - I have some new exciting things coming soon so I hope this will improve.

But thank you all for the support while I learn.

So this weeks video is a tutorial for a needle felted penguin

This is such a fun project to make using some really basic tequniques. All you need to be able to do before you start is to practise needle felting a ball - and I have a video for that

So once you have got the hang of that then you are ready to try your first ever project. 
Here is part one, this teaches you how to link two balls together, adding more fleece to smooth out the transition from body to head, hot to flatten the bottom of the body to alow the peice to stand up and how to start adding a different colour.

And part two continues adding different colours, using small balls to make beaks and eyes and giving ideas for how to add wings or be inspired with different types of penguins 
(and yes, I messed up in the video, the one I was holding was a rockhopper penguin) 

I really hope you all enjoy this, I am loving all the support and I know my videos can only get better with your help :) 

If you do make a penguin feel free to share, I would love to see them, and any questions or feedback please get in touch

I also have some great ideas for tips and tricks for growing your Etsy store so please keep an eye out 


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