Thursday, 5 January 2017

First steps in needle felting

So back in the mists of time (2 years ago) I had the fantastic idea to create some beginner needle felting videos.

I filmed a few and even managed to edit some, like this introduction to needle felting

And this first exercise - felting a ball 

And then my computer decided it didnt want to talk to my video editing software.

Now - Two years later I finally have editing software I can use - so Im working through the videos I had already made (know whats worse than seeing yourself on film? Seeing yourself 2 years ago on film and not being able to change what you are saying!) 

Here is the first of the recorded ages ago new videos

I plan to continue uploading the remaining tutorial videos from the past and I have a load of new ideas for new videos (which I promise will have way better audio!!) So please feel free to like and share and subscribe either here or on my YouTube channel.


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