Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Baccas Bowel cancer charity

Thought I sould get serious for a moment and explain one of the reasons I am making these felt pets

In April 2006 my dad lost his fight to Bowel cancer

Myself, my mum and little sis have set up a charity in his honour - BACCAS, to help educate people about the cancer and raise awareness of the desease

The links at the side will take you to the charity page

Or on ebay if you go advanced then you can donate a % of your sale price direct to baccas. Might have to search to find us 1st time but once you have done it once baccas is always on your list

But the main fundrasing idea is to have cocktail parties, any size, lovely people have had small parties in there houses, medium events in halls and we have even had someone hold their 40th brithday party for BACCAS

Please get in touch if you want more info

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