Saturday, 30 August 2008

Haloween and big cats

Heres the latest batch

Including a wee haloween treat :o) Jack Skellington from nighmare before christmas

He is for the NFEST August challange

He was fun to make but there are some really great other peices out there so I dont think he will do to great
The other entries can be found on the needle felting forum link on the sidebar

I also spent a bit of time reshoting some other fotos, this, I think, is much better than before.

As he is a panda, and a teeny one at that (less than 2 inches tall) I thought that I would look cute on some of my chineese dishes. so I sat him infront and balanced him on some chopsticks. I think this gave him a bit more cheek :o)

Hopefully other people will think so too. I have never really done photography and so I am trying to learn all the time

Didnt manage to get a Friday Feature this week as I didnt give people enough time to reply to my questions but hopefully soon I will have that up and running.
It will be fun to feature other peoples work a bit more. Makes this more interesting than just looking at my stuff all the time!


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