Friday, 22 August 2008

Bens agility

We next week is the last week we will be in beginner class - we are moving up

So is Bens pall Darwin - I am really glad about that

Today he did great

I stopped trying to copy the collie handlers and ran like I was running my dog and it worked perfect

almost no mistakes

row of jumps and a tight turn to the weaves - no way things I but the little star runs all the jumps (well plods but I am sure speed will come) then sticks with me for the turn and off out to the weaves

the only thing carol could say was that after about 8 weaves he did look up but then kept going - looking for some reasurance, so we put him in again and when he looked up (at the exact same place) I said 'weave' again in a happy voice and he carried on.

A frame much better today. Last time he was jumping off the contacts (we do a down at the end of the contaccts) then I realised it was because I was stooping down and pointing down and he was jumping over my arm. This time I just stood upright past the A-frame and said down and he ran to the floor and lay down - what a clever boy and a rubbish handler


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