Tuesday, 12 August 2008

What is needle felting

As I cant find my camera today I thought I would post a wee descriprion of what needle felting is
(as I understand it - I am a neweb)

Felting fabrics from fleece is the oldest method of making fabric, raw fleece is agitated in water so the fibers matt together
Industry wanted to speed up and scale up this proccess so they invented the felting needle.
It is a needle with barbs on the sides that hook into the individual fibres and mat them togehter
Many many needles are used at once to create a felt

Artists then borrowed the idea of the needles to dry needle felt sculptures
Fleece is shaped by jabing the needle into the fleece thousands of times
A wire frame can be used or freehand, either way these sculptures take many hours to make (and it can be bloomin sore when you jab your finger)
By using coloured fleece, other materials (angora, mohair, dog, bamboo, silk) and different thicknesses of needle really lifelike detailed sculptures can be made


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