Monday, 16 March 2009

The car park in the sky walk - and cows!!

It actually wasnt raining yesterday so I took the dogs to the car park in the sky

Weather wasnt so clear - or so warm when I got up there but we still had a good 3 hour walk before the sun set. If it had been a clearer night I would have hung around and taken fotos at night because it is really stunning to see the stars above and the lights of Glasgow below, just like you are in the sky.

I have been told there are all sorts of dodgy things go on in that carpark at night, but it is such a magical place that familys and people go up there and are totaly oblivious to anything but the view.

Mia had a great run about offlead and made friends with lots of different dogs.
Both her and Ben had a great run around but neither were interested in playing with toys or anything, just keeping close to me and having sniffs and zoomies (it is a little worry because I am doing the KCGCC silver award with Ben on wed and one part of it is we are suposed to show playing with a toy - to show I can get it back off him - but I worry that he wont play when there are other dogs around and work to be done - to serious for his own good!!)

Ben did promise me that he wouldnt get too messy or roll in anything nasty but I think you can see from this foto that that promise was broken quite early on
Thankfully by the end of the walk he was clean again - love those teflon collie coats!!

Then when were were heading back on lead Mia was quite well behaived, we met 2 greyhounds and got within 4 feet before one of them started barking at her so she kicked off.
Then we met with a spanial and she got right up sniffing it before she decided she didnt like it. Looking back I shouldnt have made her interact with the dogs at all on lead - I should have just let her have had all the good interactions with dogs offlead and rewarded her for being calm with the other dogs close when she was onlead

But you live and learn - and at least she is soooo much better than when she 1st came here.

One scary moment we did have was when they were romping offlead and I looked round a bush to see a herd of highland cattle - dosent look much in a small foto but trust me they are biiiig!!!

- Now this is a public park where dogs can be (and were) offlead
Mia charged over and barked at them and they were getting up and mooing at her
I didnt think her recal would be good enough so I just ran away waving my arms and yelling 'MIMIMIMIMIMIMIMIMI' and thankfully I was interesting enough to stop her being a kebab on one of those horns

Bit scary to realise that the cows are loose in the same place as all us walkers and dogs!!


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