Saturday, 7 March 2009

Indoor agility

The rain is back again :o(

So after a long and soggy walk with the dogs today I fancied some more agility training

But I am not going out in that again

So I dug out my in the house agility :)

Only got fotos of Ben at it as I cannot hold the camera and train Mia

But we have homemade contact training, which they are both getting pretty good at - and have transfered the behaviour onto the real dogwalk

As you can see I do a '4 on the floor' where the dog lies down at the end of the dogwalk - better on the joints than a fast '2o2o' , gives me a break when I can catch up if they are too fast and in comp with a quick release then its pretty much a running contact.

Then some weave training - yup Ben is now faster then the camera. Have been practising that lots inside running tru the house and sending him to the weaves. He is 90% there with difficult angles unless he is comming from a sharp left turn onto the weaves - but we will get there.

Mia is confidently following a lure for the 5 poles, and I am starting to phase out the lure so she is following my hand.

Then a bit of a play with the tunnel - Ben dosent need the practise so I used it for stays with distractions - cos what is more distracting than me trying to pose him for fotos??

and finally my homemade indoor seesaw!! this little thing got Ben over his fear of the seesaw and hopefully it will work for Mia although I only really showed it to her today cos I dont want her worrying that the dogwalk is about to drop away from her.


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