Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Good boy, good girl!!

Today was Ben and Mias Kennel club good citizen tests, Ben was doing silver and Mia - handled by B was doing bronze

and they passed it

well done dogs!!

The biggest achevment was having Mia in a room with a dozen other dogs and her focused on B. She even took park in a group of dogs as a distraction for those of us doing the silver to call our dogs away from.

Really amazing that she was just chilled the whole way - when B was grooming her she even flopped over onto her back. Through the 1 min down stay her tail was wagging the whole time, and when one of the dogs broke his stay and wondered off she still stayed in the spot.

Ben did really great too considering he hasnt been to classes for a while as I have been concentrating on Mia.

Outwith the test he has started guarding me from other dogs when they come bounding up to me. I can understand that he is just protecting me but I will have to sort that out (not nasty but he is showing his teeth) But he did great. One almost hairy moment on the road walk when the lead went tight - but he was avoiding walking on a drain rather than pulling so that was fine

and in the 2 min stay he did bark a couple of times at other dogs that were barking but he didnt move.

Well done both dogs - and B who did a great job of handling Mia


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