Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Etsy tip of the day - Dont waste your energy worrying about your neighbour

Dont waste your energy worrying about your neighbour

Yes have a look at what the competition is doing to get an idea of what the ceiling price your market has and even to get an idea of tags and titles 

but not to copy them, or (and I know several people have had this happen) to mail people to tell them that their prices are too low and they are devaluing the craft for everyone else

You dont know everyone elses story, make yourself unique by being yourself and not worrying about everyone else

Also it is such a waste of energy to trawl shops to report them because of copyright problems or you dont think they made their items themselves
Yes if you come across them on your travels in Etsy and want to then report them - but dont use up your energy reporting the bad

That actually dosent hurt your shop as much as you think it does, every day more and more people are coming here realising they can find wonderful handmade and vintage items and quality supplies 

If we focus on the good not the bad, promote other peoples shops that are great rather than using clicks on shops you hate (which helps their SEO by giving them activity) 

It sounds a bit crazy but if you think negatively, look for the bad and complain all the time then things become hard work
Look for the positive, focus on what is good and you will enjoy your day - and ontop of that your energy supports and promotes good shops which brings quality shoppers which in the long run helps you 


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