Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Etsy Tip Of the Day - Look At The Bigger Picture

Todays ramblings
Look at the bigger picture 

Too often on threads you see people saying 'My views/sales for today are right down'
and the day is about 2 hours old

While I have my own views on why some people post these types of threads (view mining - trying to just get views - I will talk about that later) it is too stressful and a waste of your time to check things hour by hour

At the most I check my stats on a weekly basis to see what my views are doing (and dont really panic about highs and lows, its just information) I check sales data monthly compared to not just last year but all the years I have
I know not everyone has many years worth of data - so if this is your first year look at your stats, try and work on always improving them but think of this year as your line in the sand, you are learning about the seasonal fluctuations in your shop, and in the worldwide market 

It is so useful to track your stats for info - but dont get too stressed out by them. Step back and look at the big picture, how is your month doing? How is your year doing?
Of course many of us have bills to pay, but is it good use of your time to be listing an item then checking back every hour to see if someone has viewed it? List. promote then step back and leave it for a week and see how it gets on compared to other things in your shop 


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