Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Etsy Tip of the Day - SEO tips

Again These tips are just what work for me and what I have found. If you dont agree with them that is fine - what works for one shop is not the same as what works the other

I know many people know way way better than me about tags and titles - todays is just meant to be really quick basic advice to get people started who are really stuck

I know on the forums people often say 'you need to work on your tags and titles' but dont always explain 

So one little tip to help with the tags and titles - note this is mainly geared to Etsy SEO, other search engines are a little different although much of it is similar

On your item pick a couple of phrases that you think a shopper might use when they look for something like your item

So perhaps for me I might think of 
'needle felted dog' 'Border collie art' 'Dog sculpture' (and about a million more :) but a few at a time for each item is good) 

These three phrases have to be in your title with the words in the phrase in the exact order
For example 
'Needle felted Border Collie Dog art Sculpture' Would possibly make more sense for some people to write - but not so nice for Etsy SEO for the terms I wanted (there are some good terms in there too :) - for this title tags could be 'Needle felted Border' 'Border collie dog' ' Collie dog art' 'Dog art Sculpture' )

So for the phrases we wanted for this item a title of
'Needle Felted Dog, Border Collie Art, Dog Sculpture' would work better (I know it dosent look pretty)

Then you make 3 of your tags your exact title phrases. Then in your other tags you can muddle up things that will be smaller searches (like your shop name or a special name you give your item) and use terms that also fit the item that you will use in different listings 'Collie Sculpture' (having more than one item with the tag does seem to help)

To help with other search engines also have your title in the first line of your item description.

So to clarify (I dont 1/2 waffle on!)
The terms you pick to focus on must be in your title and tags in the exact same order as each other to be most relevant in the search 


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