Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Etsy Tip of the day - Set goals that you can actually have an influence on

Set goals that you can actually have an influence on

I am guilty of this one (and just about everything else I talk about here :D ) 
I say to myself this year, month or week my goal is x sales

That is a rubbish goal I cannot make sales happen so if I fail my goal then I will be downhearted and if I do better then Im patting myself on the back - when in reality either one could just be a fluke

Yes of course we have bills to pay and you might *need* a certain amount of sales - but you need goals you can actually work on instead of wishing for unicorns

Goals can be things like 
List x amount of items a week
Create x amount of items a week
Post x amount of items of FB pintrest or whatever
rewrite x amounts of tags and titles 
Comment on x amount of facebook pages/forum posts/groups/blogs

Then once you have a nice routine in place you can change one or two things a time and see how they benefit you - If you double the number of pins how does this effect your stats, compare this to another week/month if you list more items
See what is best use of your time - and constantly check and double check, its not just Etsy that makes changes over time, every site you are on will change, how people use these sites will change, new places will become popular


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