Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas. Fairburn estate

Merry Christmas everyone

I hope santa claws and santa paws was good to all the kiddies and furkids alike

Mia and Ben shared the turkey giblets last night and today they are getting lamb. They have some chews and a big tuggy chewy squeeky soft toy to share
They love it so much it has already been repaired once.

As it was such a stunning day we decided to tire the dogs out before lunch so off to Fairburn estate for a lovely woodland walk.

Both dogs had a great time, running around till we saw the signs that said that dogs had to be on a lead. Then as they had worn themselves out a bit they walked pretty nicely on lead.

Dinner soon then drinkies and slobbing around watching TV. DOctor WHO is on tonight - yeah!!!


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