Tuesday, 23 December 2008

up north

The doggies and I headed up north yesterday to visit my mum for christmas time.
Mia was a little star (as was Ben of course) infact overall she has been really good since the last post about her.

Out walking she has actually been hiding behind me when big dogs come too close and offlead running away more.

She still has her scrappy doo moments when approaching a dog first, but once she figures them out she is much better
and very flirty with big male dogs

After over 3 hours in the car yesterday we took them for a little walk and then they slept most of the evening.

Today after a shopping trip for us we took the doggies to the fairy glen(Reelig Glen)for walkies. We saw the tallest tree in the UK (although it is in a deep valley so it dosent look much)

And then we went up to A and B's to show them the doggies
Mia and Ben were v well behaived in the strange house, Mia only bounced a little bit but maily they said hello gently and then lay down under the table while we had coffie and yummy homemade shortbread.


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