Wednesday, 24 December 2008

River Ness and Caledonian canal

Another stunning day and another lovely dog walk.
This time after visiting my fathers grave - and Mia giving us a little heart attack

Graveyeard in in the middle of nowhere surrounded by dry stone dykes, then a wee road, another wall, electric fence and then a field of sheep
I thought the doggies would be fine to run around in the graveyard, but nope
Mia climbs the wall, runs across road (just missing car wheels) cumps next wall and wriggles thru electric fence and runs into the feild of sheep

The laws in Scotland state that a farmer can SHOOT and out of control dog that is stressing his sheep
All she dose is stampeedes them all into one corner (about 100 sheep in one tiny corner) then, happy that she has done a good days work she runs right back to us.
Guess its on lead any time there might be sheep from now on.

Then into Inverness we gave the doggies a good run along the canal

Mia had a few growels at other dogs but every time she did Ben came over and jumped on her to distract her - good boy


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