Sunday, 14 December 2008

Stop Harrods selling puppies

A friend is just back from a trip to London and was sickend by the sight of cute puppies for sale in Harrods

The fantastic people on the dogsey forum are all pulling together, talking to newspapers and tv to try and get this stopped.

I will add links to petitions and anything I find, so please if you have a link that needs added to this list just let me know.

Why is it so bad that puppies are in pet shops?? Should we be able to buy LIFE on a whim along with a bag of crisps and a (fur) coat? Arnt they just the best last min christmas prezzy??

While thousands of dogs a year are put to sleep because rescues have no more spaces every puppy that is sold from a shop encourages the puppy farmers to churn out another litter from their poor dogs.

These puppies are locked in their pens when everyone leaves the shop, they are not socalised. But the RSPCA will not do anything about it because they are warm and fed.

Even in a top store like Harrods these puppies CANNOT be well bred, no reputible breeder would sell their puppies to any shop, a decent breeder is responsible for their puppies and would want to vet the home the puppy is going to.

Harrods dont care who they sell to and they dont care what happens to the puppies once they are sold, Harrods donot take the puppies back. A decent breeder would.

Animals should not be sold in a shop. If you want a puppy or dog either find a good breeder or better yet go to a rescue

Please tell everyone, boycott Harrods and anywhere else that supports puppy farming!


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