Thursday, 11 December 2008

One step forward and a few back

Not the best day today in the Mia house!!

I thought we were really making progress. Mia was excited to go to training class last night and a whole lot calmer. Her recal was getting great and she was teaching herself when she pulled on the lead of got a bit mental to just sit down and calm down.

Today was a total mess!!

She was having a play with a few dogs and I was chatting the the owners when I noticed she and another dog had gone missing. The other dog came back after a couple of min but no Mia

I looked for ages then I found her liying in a ditch munching a cooked chicken bone!!

I got her lead on her and was trying to get her away from the bone when Ben came over.

I just didnt have enough hands, she went mental at him, I managed to get them pulled apart but Ben has a puncture above his left eye!!

Then we had a pee in the house!! Guess she is forgetting that she is toilet trained.

Then another walk and she was on the lead and had a mental at another dog, when I moved her away she was in such a rage that she turned and bit my leg, she realised what she had done and calmed down, I know it wasnt on purpose but it did hurt.

Then back in - after she had already done the toilet outside and the little charmer left a poo in the kitchen

so I guess its back to basics with about everything for her!!

Its such a shame cos in the main she is a lovely wee thing, and so smart but little things like this limit the houses she could go to. Her reactivity means that she really wouldnt be any good in a house with children. She loves all people but she has now bit me twice, B, my mum, and mm once each. Sometimes I could just cry!
(Note, the foto is of them playing, I didnt stand around taking fotos when they are trying to kill one another!!)


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