Monday, 29 December 2008

(dog) walking in a winter wonderland

Today I leave mums and head back home.

The weather decided to be amazing today so we have given the dogs a last walk in the Croc (pronounced croch) just over the road from mums house.

I hope I am not tempting fate by saying this before we have left but Mia has been very good

No toilet accidents

one scrap with her and Ben when I tried to put her with him for a christmas foto - no idea which dog started it but it was my fault.

One stairing out contest when granny told Mia to get off the sofa and she decided to take it out on Ben.

But a time out in the crate and she was as good as gold

we have been having some lovely naps all together and she has been v good, although still crated at night.

and she looooves her grannie and follows her all over the place

we have had a few nasty looks when she goes mental on the lead at other dogs, but it is getting better and far more important for me to get her to trust me than please Cesar Millan fans by a pointless show of domininence

Nope, yelling and hitting the dog will not show her I am boss, it will show her that an approaching dog is a v bad thing


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