Monday, 8 February 2010

Featured dog training book - Control Unleashed

Over the past few years I have been buying lots of dog training books, from the really great to the amazingly rubbish.
This is my fave book out of the lot. I initially got it to help with Mias reactivity, and it has helped lots (and is keeping on helping)
But the more I read it the more I realised it helps with ALL dogs.
The programme is great for Mia, reactive, easily distracted, v smart, high energy with issues with other dogs.
It has taught me great ways to build focus in her using games and behavioural tools, how to deal with her triggers, to realise when she was about to go off on one and how to improve that.
But it has also helped lots with Ben, ideas on how to increase his focus and excitement for working, how rate of reward can really build value in a trick, position or command to make him enjoy doing it more, to understand more his level of arousal so I know whether he needs geed up a bit or calmed down.
Watching other dogs in classes, agility shows and out about in the street I can see how other dogs would benefit from a little Control Unleashed.
I have enjoyed reading and using it so much that I have even sourced a hall to hopefully run a kind of informal class and allow me to work Mia with more distractions.
If you have a great dog but want to understand them more get this book!
If you have a dog with a few issues get this book
If you have a dog with lots of issued get this book - but also contact a behaviourist
If you are thinking of doing agility or are doing agility but could do better GET THIS BOOK!
(can you tell I liked it??)


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