Saturday, 6 February 2010

January goals, SMASHED

To keep my focus I am being brave and posting how I am getting on with my targets for 2010
I had planned/hoped for 2 sales a week
For January I got 14 sales!! 6 over target!!

How I am doing this
1. Posting a new item or relisting every day
2. Being active in Etsy chat and forums
3. Increasing fan page visability with Link Love
4. Tweeting at least weekly
5. Blogging often
6. Creating as much fuzzies as I can before my arms fall off (I think its a danger, shoulder is creaking now!!)

What has helped

My biggest January thankyou goes to Pat - an amazing artist - who, a little bird tells me might be selling some of her lovely work soon - so stay posted. Pat has been so suportive of my new splat range, being my first customer and shouting about me from the rooftops - well forums :D

Thankyou so much


I have been on Etsy for 18 months or so, but this month it has been really amazing for me. Many kind people liking my work and putting me in their treasuries, and then the cherry on the cake was 3 front pages this week! 3! You wait for 18 months then 3 come along at once!


This month I have got so much support from total strangers, it is lovely. Buying from a total stranger and having items shipped to you from all over the world. Much more exciting than buying in a shop.

Thankyou all for making January great! Heres to a good Feb for everyone


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