Thursday, 4 February 2010

Featured dog website

The Dog welfare campaign is a great website for any dog lovers

The aim of this web-site is to provide the media and members of the public with
more information about the behaviour of dogs, the possible consequences of using
aversive training techniques, and where to go for appropriate advice on training
and behaviour issues.

It contains some great information and links for finding good dog trainers and behaviourists in the UK.

It explains the problems with using aversive punishment training on dogs and has a list of all the experts and bodies in the UK who are specifically against Cesar Millan, his teachings, his TV show and his tour of the UK.

It is sad that so many experts in the UK voice concerns of the dangers of using these types of confrontational methods and yet he is still coming to the country, his shows still get the airplay on the TV.

If you have a problem with your dogs behaviour please please contact an expert, do not try and follow advice from a TV entertainer


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