Sunday, 7 February 2010

A splatted squirrel

An interesting custom request

So far all my fuzzies have gone to animal loving homes. This time a lady asked me if I could do a 1/2 splat squirrel for her dad who hates them

I wasnt sure how well it would work out. I really wanted to do a fluffy tail but as these are designed to be used I had to firmly felt, a fluffy tail just wouldnt keep its shape
I also worked on sculpting the legs some more to show muscle - I always overdo custom orders and make them harder for myself!! :D
This time I nuno felted the body, white on the bottom and grey on the top. I have a little extra left over - so watch this space to see what else I am coming up with!

I hope her dad enjoys splatting squirrels :D


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