Thursday, 25 February 2010

Oh the weather outside is ......

Just horrible!! I never thought I could get fed up of snow but this wet mushy slippy stuff is just no fun!! (unless you are a dog)
So a bowl of hot lentil soup with crusty bread and then I am back to felting my fingers to the bone!

At the weekend my kitty splat was featured in the Etsy finds mail and the storque

and things went crazy!! over 100 shop hearts in a 24 hour period, 6 sales (4 of them custom orders) and as many requests for me to let them know when kittys are back in stock!!
So I have got 3 of the 4 custom ones done. A long gray tabby for hardback books, and a orange tabby (I think these cats liked the photo shoot too much, they are full of mischief! and a splatted back end of a long hair faun pup

Oh sorry! Were you expecting fotos of doggies in the snow?? Its just too wet to take the camera out.

Also my Beagle project has been put on hold a little! Check back soon for more stage by stages


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