Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Punishing is for the lazy

Interesting where you can get inspiration for dog training.
Today on 'The Wright Stuff' on TV this morning I got some amazing advice from Joe Mangle from Neighbours.
They were talking about raising children and how some children are so out of control.
He had a amazing point
It takes time and energy to be consistent, to teach our children (or dogs) that actions have consequences and that we mean what we say.
It is far easier to give in and give the sweetie when the child is chucking a tantrum (or let our dogs pull on the lead because we are in too much of a rush to teach them to walk nicely on the lead)
Then we get angry with their behaviour and yell or punish them. This is confusing, sometimes they get what they want, sometimes they get punished.
If we are fair and consistent, make sure they know what we want from them, let them know when they are doing the right thing and, when needed, show them the consequences of doing the wrong thing (naughty step, no pudding, dont get to keep walking forwards on lead) then children and dogs will be better behaved, less confused and everyone will be happier


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